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Welcome to Action Movie Night!

I'm really into watching movies... it's nearly an obsession. Above all, I really enjoy watching movies with a lot of action. Drama... eh... I get enough that out of real life. Comedy, just spend some time watching your surroundings; comedy is everywhere. Horror... once you've seen it the first time, the suspense and unrest is gone. Action though seems to always deliver, time and time again. You just can't get enough of those dare-devil stunts, awe-inspiring fight scenes, bullets a blazin' and noone can ever get enough of those bass booming explosions!

I've found that a lot of other people in the technology community also enjoy the passion of action movies; so I started inviting people over to watch a couple of movies once a month. This has been going on now for the past four years or so...

However, communicating among these people has been an interesting task to say the least, so I've decided to experiment by creating a wiki around nothing but Action Movies...

Welcome, enjoy what is available and if you have the desire to contribute, by all means join in.