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Guro Leodoro H. 'Ted' Lucaylucay

Marangal Na Guro (Head Instructor)

Lucaylucay Kali


Ted Lucaylucay was born in the Hawaiian Islands and experimented with various martial arts styles. After moving to Los Angeles he became one of the early "backyard" students of Richard Bustillo and Dan Inosanto. He eventually became the first student to graduate from the Inosanto Academy in both JKD and Kali.

After Leaving the Inosanto Academy in 1975, he started his own organization Temujin Lucaylucay Kali/JKD. He continued to grow and "absorb what was useful" refining his skills and tutoring thousands of students along the way.

Ted Lucaylucay died due to HeartFailure on March 30, 1996.

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