In Memory of Ted Lucaylucay: A Great Martial Artist, Teacher, and Friend.

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Author: Mark Stewart

Los Angeles - Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Kali legend Ted Lucaylucay died March 30 at his home here. He succumbed to heart failure after suffering from asthma for many years. He was 50.

He was born Theodore F. Lucaylucay Oct. 5, 1945 on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai to Leodoro H. and Rosaline Lucaylucay. Ted’s early childhood was spent growing up in Kauai where he developed a strong love for nature and the outdoors.

Ted’s adolescent and early adult years were spent in San Pedro, Calif., where he began his lifelong obsession with the martial arts. Ted practiced many styles of martial arts including karate, judo, kung-fu, and boxing.

In 1970 Ted began training with sifu/guro Dan Inosanto in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino martial arts. Ted also trained with other world-renowned masters, including Angel Cabales, Leo Giron, Ben Largusa, Floro Villabrille, and his father, Lucky Lucaylucay.

In 1975, with the blessing of Dan Inosanto, Guro Ted founded the Lucaylucay Kali/JKD Association. Guro Ted was a pioneer of the Jeet Kune Do family by establishing his own association as well as being the first instructor to produce and market instructional videotapes on the arts of Kali and JKD.

Executive officers of the Lucaylucay Kali/JKD Association are Guro Leonard Trigg of Oregon, Guro Greg Allen of Texas, and Guro Mark Stewart of California. With the Lucaylucay family’s blessings in line with the wishes of Guro Ted, the Lucaylucay Kali/JKD Association will continue to grow under the leadership of Trigg and Allen.

Guro Ted will be remembered for his kind heart, good humor, and exceptional martial skill.

He is survived by his mother Rose Lucaylucay and sisters Beverly, Arlene, Laverne, Corlene, Gerrie, Rosaline and Audrey.

From Inside Kung Fu, July 1996